8 thoughts on “Labour To Be A Child

  1. As a human trafficking survivor and activist, I use my website to bring awareness to child slavery. Trafficking grossed 180 billion dollars last year and is growing faster than drug and gun trafficking. It is a horrific number. India, of course, is severely affected. But, child labor is rampant in hundreds of countries as well as child sexual slavery which includes child laborers too. They are starved, beaten, raped, whipped, etc. More attention needs to be brought to these criminal acts. Many people live in bubbles. Would you believe that the United States is one of the largest human trafficking markets in the world?

    1. I had a vague idea about the situation in the US but I didn’t know about it being the largest human trafficking market in the world. I appreciate what you carry on through your website. I really do. Children are being treated in such a painful modus by adults only. We absolutely need to bring attention to such criminal acts. I am writing about steps that can be taken to mitigate effects of this propaganda in my next blog post. Thank you for filling my mind gaps. You are amazing.

      1. The U.S. is one of the largest markets. The horror children experience should they live through it haunts them the rest of their lives if they are rescued. Only 1 to 2% of victims are rescued.

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