12 thoughts on “Job Interviews are mostly pointless

  1. Interesting blog to read but somehow what I realize is Personal interviews are test of not only your knowledge and confidence but also a test of patience and character. I agree it becomes irrelevant in these times of highly competitive environment, but someone is passing it as well.
    It becomes a question mark for Human resource that if not Personal interviews then what?
    Hour long online assessments to judge entire you or what?

    1. I agree personal interviews are a test of other virtuous characteristics too but bigwigs too have to stand their ground by being professional and organized. This post elaborates on unstructured and unorganized ones. HRs can focus on developing improved interview decorums to curb preventable errors. We need to evolve with time and come out with better modus operandi to suit far-reaching skill sets of diverse people. An hour-long assessment? haha…nah, they can’t even do 10 minutes right. 🙂

      1. Agree with you for developing a more comprehensive way to evaluate a candidate for the job. But believe me that way is not to far. Will get back to you with more acceptable and inclusive method for all the candidates no matter where they apply for job.
        P.S: I am a human resource professional. 🙈

  2. to truly put this angst to rest,go to a interview doing the exact opposite of what you would normally do.Hell,when your pissed off at something go to a bunch of them just to vent!
    They’ll certainly remember you!

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