8 thoughts on “What is the ideal community?

  1. A great post. Society tagging people and judging them from their point of view is the most disgusting thing. We should be open to people in accepting them irrespective of the things that you have mentioned. People call themselves educated but what is the purpose of that education if people can’t respect others. A good read 👍

    1. People in the society nowadays want to be accepted by everyone. Everyone longs to be accepted and loved while the same people want to accept none. The height of Hypocrisy in the world today!!! Thank you, Anish.I hope you have a wonderful day ahead.

  2. It should be some how part of education system starting at school level and that is how equality can be instilled in the minds of people. Btw good thoughts to share.

    1. I agree, our education system is flawed. Young minds need to be nurtured and enriched with practical knowledge rather than bookish. Thank you.

  3. And you need to change this “loveeyyy.wordpress.com” appearing with your name as appearing in notification, everytime i click it it says the page is no longer available and then i will have to click the post and so on to reach the post/blog.

  4. The world still has a long way to go before we leave our caveman ways behind. Education is a great way to address the issues around inequality, but I’m afraid we are still a long way off. Great post, Lovey.

    1. You summarized my post beautifully. Education is the movement from darkness to light. It is the key to half of the problems in the world. Thank you for stopping by.

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