8 thoughts on “Social Scene Cliquey

  1. Hi!found a way to your blog and you have a great blog.This post is so true .I sensed a slight feminism in you,i’m sorry if I’m wrong , I’m a feminist so i like these types.Looking forward to read more.So following your blog😊

    1. Hey, I am glad you found this post true. I do have truckloads of feminism etched deep inside my soul for all the right reasons. You sensed that right. Are you “one of us” too? Thank you very much for your kind words. 🙂
      Hey, I like your name.

      1. Hey thanks a lot for the follow and yes I’m even a feminist and about my name it’s Sashanka actually and short form is Sasha..happy to meet you and happy blogging🙂

        1. I find your name beautiful and different. I think, we are all feminists in one or the other way. Women are fighting for their long due rights while men are “feminists” for their mothers and women figures in their lives. I am glad to have found you too. Keep in touch Sasha 🙂

          1. Thanks a lot Lovey..actually i found your name as different one! Yes feminism is our thing and people should br as feminists.Lets stay in touch and write many many feminist quotes😊

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