4 thoughts on “Self Concept

    1. That’s true. I have been through that process too. Been lost, found myself. I still get lost though. It is an ongoing and thrilling voyage of Life. And, thank you as always Tofino 

  1. Superb article and yes i believe in love our-self to love others, unless we are happy about our-self we can’t be in state to love others, be selfish, be you 🙂 Happy blogging!

    1. You are spot-on. I keep saying that if we are not happy within then how do we keep others happy? It smears on all kind of relationships; Family, friends, Love, Pets, what not. It is so important to figure out ourselves first. Right happiness and peace comes from within, not from others. What we receive from others is not permanent in nature, it fades away real soon. And, thank you 🙂

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