9 thoughts on “My first period experience! Do you remember yours?

  1. It takes a lot of courage to write something felt on a deeper level. Taboo around Menstruation is rooted in religion. Brave women like you need to shatter myths around the subject matter at hand. Good luck…..

  2. Girls are always told to what to wear ……. how to laugh & now what to do n what not do even while bleeding…. We live in an unfair world

  3. Menstruating women need to be acceptable all over the world.It is nothing to be ashamed of. Women have all the rights to enjoy their period freely.

  4. I was 12.5 years old when I got my period and had no f…..g idea what was going on and screamed the house down. My mother gave me a belting for carrying on and sent me to my room as further punishment. She reluctantly supplied those awful sanitary pads and belts and from the age of 14 onwards I had to buy my own with money I earned from my part time job.

    Though I know she loved me in her own way, I have never understood why she reacted so crossly. Maybe it was just another thing to contend with in her difficult life.

  5. My mother shouted at me, too. I think it was because she found it embarrassing to speak about intimate things. I didn’t really know what was happening, because she had never told me. After she had finished shouting, she rang my grandma, who then told me that I was now a woman, and that when my mother became a woman.

  6. Unfortunately, although I didn’t have much discomfort with the first period, I wasn’t able to carry on each month at school as if nothing was happening,because I had a habit of passing out as my period started and suffered severe period pains – something which I had to endure for decades, although I grew out of the fainting, fortunately.

  7. Anita Ji, I also grew up as a woman who lived in a conservative environment. I faced the same issues while
    growing up.Thanks for sharing your experience.

  8. Looking at the expertise of the writer in subjects like psychology and philosophy, the article reflects the
    raw and real emotions of every growing up girl in India. One of the great article I have ever read, well-articulated article. & “sleeping like a raccoon” I too 🙂

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