29 thoughts on “#MeToo but saying ‘MeToo’ isn’t enough

  1. I do think there’s a tremendous power in women and girls speaking openly about what’s happening. For so long, we were supposed to keep it to ourselves and pretend everything was fine. But you’re right–the next step is to change things.

    1. You’re right, Ellen. Both the genders have come out with their narratives and received support from people like us. Sadly, the abusive and daunting behavior of perpetrators is normalized for being so by keeping silent. We will certainly change things in times to come.

  2. I think your writing has potential and you have talent. Buy going by your opening and closing paragraphs, it feels as if you are deliberately trying to be cool or edgy in a wirodh sort of way. Don’t do it. You don’t have to be edgy to get noticed. A serious post shouldn’t be diluted with humor.
    I have been following you ever since you started this blog and have seen you grow from a fumbling writer to a confident one, but I feel that you have started slacking. Do not mix styles. It is a waste of potential and not very good to read.
    Just my two cents. More power to you.

    1. That is so sweet of you to point that out. Thank you for letting me know of my slacking and mixing styles, having been with me since the beginning. But, it was more of a sarcastic and trending perspectives kind of a post because sexual abuse and related aspects are not anew and have been with us since as long as we can remember. It’s merely the treatment and silence we generally offer to people undergoing and overcoming taboos. My intention was not to bring all the emphasis to victimization or persecution. However, I hope I can deliver better writings in future to sate your observance towards me.
      Thank you very much for taking out the time to let me know your thoughts. More power to you. Keep in touch to discipline my writings. I would love that.

      1. Can I toss one more opinion into the discussion? Sometimes humor and serious writing do mix and sometimes they don’t. I don’t think there’s an overall rule. The useful questions, I think, are, “Is this working?” Or “How does the impact does this have I take this bit out? What does it have if I leave it in?”
        You can’t please everyone, but hearing from someone who can be both critical and supportive? That’s golden. Even if, in the end, you decide you don’t want to take their advice.

        1. That’s constructive, Ellen. I on other hand have realized to express my thoughts on a wider perspective through writing. Writing is democratic and expression of thoughts is limitless. Sometimes the writing works, sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s how we learn and grow. Humor works for me because it comes from a place of keen observation and sheer anger. I am glad you decided to toss your opinion into the discussion too. It was worth it. I needed that. Have a wonderful day ahead.

  3. It is appreciable that you have remained gender neutral. Everyone suffering has been taken into account and thankfully, you have not victimised us unlike every other post on the Internet. Good job, Lovey.

    1. All of us have had the experiences we hardly ever talk about openly, be it men or women. I can hardly ever victimise anyone for that matter. Thank you for recognising and appreciating such small basic things in the post. It’s heart warming. May god bless you forever and ever.

  4. It has been long since we have known all about it but we never personally addressed it. You are right about making it bigger than a viral moment. Wonderful post acknowledging problems and suggested solutions.

    1. True, it has been known since forever but hardly ever addressed with an intention to take stern actions to save future generations and help the ones suffering the consequences.

  5. You seem to have incorporated all the trending hoolahoop around the issue. People can be really silly saying stupid things about something as severe as sexual abuse. You seem really, really angry and sarcastic towards umparliamentary elements of the society. I resonate with the points above mentioned. It’s high time we act now to leave behind a good life for our future generations. Best regards.

    1. Thank you, Samantha. It feels good to have someone understand my perspective by the post. I have consciously tried to incorporate all the things said in introspect or retrospect. But, you must be talking about the pasta and wine, I guess?

  6. Your post is totally worth my time. We need more people like you to talk about such issues. God bless you. You are a brave and strong person.

    1. I am glad It was worth your time. We need to talk about everything that feels amiss to make things better for all. I am sure, you must be really fun to hang out with and discuss relevant issues with too. Thank you 🙂

  7. I fumbled on your blog and I had to stop to tell you how incredibly relatable you are. You don’t seem to hold back to seem polished and perfect. You talk real, Lovey.

    1. It is overwhelming to read your motivating words. I could never learn to pretend so am I here talking all that surfaces my ambushed head. Thank you for taking out the time to comment. I appreciate it. Have a good day ahead, Ben.

  8. there has never been another animal more deadly than Homo Sapiens!
    I was sexually abuse by two strangers as a child.I can feel things most miss because of this trauma.I have overcome it & am far stronger!

    1. Indeed, you are stronger than you think you are. I can imagine how awful it must have been for you to deal and overcome something as severe as sexual abuse. I feel you for what it is because I have been there too and went through some really troublesome time of my life. I am still uncomfortable with unfamiliar physical touch though. I wish you well, forever and always, Tofino.

  9. I’ve missed your posts Lovey! I have been thinking the same thing with the #MeToo phenomenon. It’s not enough just to tweet or post those words. What’s important is that we try (in this lifetime) to resolve the issues and take back our power. Thanks for a great and empowering read.

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