11 thoughts on “Love In The Air

  1. Helpless we, liked the way you put end to this brilliant article. Have you watched the NatGeo Documentary ‘Before The Flood’ if not do give a try!

    1. Thank you. I am genuinely thankful. I watched it today itself before writing this post. It is brilliant. It took my smog filled heart away. 🙂

  2. want to reduce pollution……..reduce the number of humans.As our population has increased over say,the last 100 years,the pollution has increased directly. With our population predicted to keep on increasing,I could speculate that the affects of pollution will continue to increase as well.
    We do not live with Nature like the other 99.99% of the species on this planet.We alter our environment on purpose & inadvertently.
    I’m sorry to trumpet this,but I do believe it to be true.Actually………It’s one of the reasons I live in a small isolated town!

    1. We do not live with Nature like the other 99.99% of the species on this planet. We alter our environment on purpose & carelessly. There are numerous factors that can be held accountable for present conditions. I am all for development and urbanization. I would never force my view points on someone. Moreover, I do ask and expect people to act responsibly and sensibly. What we done is irreversible indeed! Nonetheless, we can still do bazillions of little things to slow down this dying process. Thank you Tofino

      1. just about everything is reversible.If we were to disappear,all would be right in a million years or so.I use to be a Geologist,so a million years for the Earth is nothing.We in affect are not doing anything to the Earth,……we are doing it to our selves.

          1. Lovey,I have observed many things in Nature & have come to the conclusion that when there is a beginning,there is always an ending. It’s very natural.Even our sun will one day go out.Dance in the sunshine Lovey

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