19 thoughts on “The Miracle

  1. We are creatures of habit, and we do have cognitive thought, unlike most of our other animal neighbors. There is really nothing mundane about any of us. Just ask your neighborhood gold fish.

          1. I do not consider myself well enough informed to be able to say something of note.I usually just say something I end up regretting,but I appreciate your encouragement Lovey!

          2. Well, let me tell you otherwise then. I find you well informed enough as I receive different perspectives to explore from you. I can’t get over how beautifully and rationally you explained about Racism. That was something I didn’t know of And many more thoughts and ideas on different issues and conflicts. Please, don’t regret speaking up your mind. Thank you being constant to my Blog. I wish you a great day ahead, Tofino.

  2. So true. Life is busy these days. There seems to be no time to breathe in the beauty around us. We have to put all weights aside and find that time. Beautiful post.

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