1 thought on “Long Distance Friendships: Do They Work?

  1. Totally agree with your bottom lines about friendship no matter where we are. I have a best friend, I knew her when I was in high school. Since I am an international student, I only have one year in high school. However, I consider meeting her was meant to be and we were really well-going. We have different classes but gather together whenever there’s lunch time. We talked and talked like forever about things in school, life, hobbies, and so much more. One year later, she was supposed to go to the same college with; however, she got struggled with her student visas and paperworks which made her had to stop her study abroad journey in Canada and go back to her home country. I was sad when hearing that because whenever she wants to go out, she always asked me if I am available. I cherished her a lot and honestly she was the first one that I truly consider a true, good, close friend that I ever have in my life.

    Since she couldn’t make her journey keep going, we are apart from each other but still contact and texting each other when there’s something up to discuss. Moreover, I am also afraid of being separate like this, our friendship consistency may break or struggle with anything. Since I only have her as my closest one, I am afraid to lose her because of any reason. Therefore, I always cherish and keep this relationship as careful as I could. I think that love somehow breaks our heart, by friendship is the cure of any problem we face. I wish you can keep your distance friendship as long as you can!

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