4 thoughts on “Is It Okay to Judge Others?

  1. Excellent points, Lovey. You make some good distinctions about when judging is appropriate and helpful in making good choices. And certainly judgment is part of accountability. I remember a conversation with my son about the importance of using his judgment – to judge the behavior of kids and adults around him so he could decide who he wanted to emulate and what kind of person he wanted to be. He still remembers that conversation. Great post. 😀

    1. I thought I would be rebuked for the post but I am glad you understand my intent. I hope more and more parents could have such conversations with their children so they are not confused and misdirected by unnecessary predicaments when they grow up. It is important to be true to our own selves first. Thank you very much for the constant support.

        1. I always admire your positivity and clarity in thought. I think alike, it all comes down to intent. There are always pros and cons of everything and we need to examine both carefully to make an informed decision.

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