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    1. Hey, how are you? I am glad that you found it useless and baseless. Please shed some light on the views you have on the matter so I can learn something constructive?

      1. I am just doing fine.Im glad you asked. Well there is always the other side of picture as well. Listening to your own country’s news channel and forming an opinion about those unhappend incidents is ridiculous. Unbiasd reporting calls for portraying both sides of story. Are you not aware of the terrorism being carried out in Pakistan by extremist so called self proclaimed islamist groups and indian RAW. Pakistan army is fighting war outside and within the country. Are you not aware of kalbhushan’s terrorist activities and other terrorism spread by raw through afghanistan. Please research thoroughly about the subject matter and then write neutrally so that one can rely on your writing. Hope it clarifies. You can correct me if i am wrong somewhere in my context.

        1. I definitely understand that there are always two sides of a coin. However, there is no smoke without fire. If you would just go through my other posts about Terrorism and related content then maybe you would realize my indifference towards both the nations involved but it has been blown out of proportion this time and it certainly requires actions that can save people on both the sides. I listen and read plenty before writing about anything, precisely, even more, when it’s something as grave as terrorism. Do you remember Indian soldiers were beheaded in 2011 too? I didn’t explicate once that Pakistan is not suffering from extremists activities but kindly acknowledge that there have been 17 infiltration attempts from Pakistan’s side recently. Now, I don’t believe that Pakistani leaders firmly control all of the groups that could conduct strikes in India but our army finds evidence of the medicines, utilities, and other material terrorists carry from the Pakistani side every time. Historically, the biggest terrorist incidents in India that involve Pakistan happen in November and December. The Mumbai 2008 attacks took place in November. The Parliament attack in 2001 took place in December. The IC 814 hijack in 1999 took place in December because the freezing winter in Kabul and Kashmir alike slows down political and militant activity in the region. The threat of spectacular Fidayeen attacks and bomb blasts in the rest of India only seems to have increased. The terrorists in Uri were more successful than other attackers because they managed to find soldiers in the kitchen house lock it and set it on fire. We respond with outrage only when the casualty count is high — such as in Uri. We are facing constant ceasefire violations losing out our jawans on a day to day basis. The threat perception only keeps getting higher. We have already made it clear to militants, Pakistan and Islamist groups that we don’t want escalation, but we have set a precedent. The terrorist infrastructure in Pakistan is so vast; it extends well beyond Pakistan-administered Kashmir and into south Punjab. Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba continue to recruit, indoctrinate and train young folks into killing themselves in Kashmir and elsewhere in India. There has also been an international report about Indian Army’s 2016 death toll is highest in six years. India never calls out Pakistan recklessly in such terror attacks without any evidence rather India attributes the attack to Pakistan-based militants who cross into Kashmir. The discussions have been desultory and loud from both the nations but The Kashmir issue has been the main cause, whether direct or indirect, of all major conflicts between the two countries with the exception of the Indo-Pakistani War. After having absorbed terrorism for years with no discernable military reaction, India as well as other south Asian nations need to end the policy of strategic restraint otherwise it comes across as a sign of weakness and not wise leadership. The lack of any apparent strategy and political determination (in both India and Pakistan) to change the current dynamic and establish a peacemaking process is dangerous. The governments of Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan know that stabilization cannot occur without, at a minimum, greater cooperation in demobilizing the militants who operate against Afghanistan and Pakistan on both sides of the border. But, perhaps, more important in the long-term is mutual reassurance between Pakistan and India that each country’s reasonable interests in Afghanistan will be respected and accommodated. The primary problem is the absence of political will in all three states to take steps to build each other’s confidence that their cooperation will be rewarded. To achieve their fundamental long-term interests, there is no plausible alternative for the two countries except direct talks and negotiations.
          Moreover, I don’t know Kulbhushan Jadhav personally but As far as the story goes, he has been “accused” of espionage working for R&AW. He is said to have been arrested from Balochistan last year which makes no sense at all as there has been no proven evidence. The issue has been snowballed into a flash point for India-Pakistan relations as usual. Pakistan has also denied India’s request 13 times for consular access to Mr. Jadhav and demands of a certified copy of the charge sheet as well as the judgment. Do you remember the Italian marine case? And how India just let them off due to the emergencies at their home as well providing consular access to the nationals of the country!! There is always a way to deal with things without bringing in egos of the nose. That’s it for me. Although, I may be misinformed.

          1. Well you may not be considered mis informed after you have quoted number of incidents but yet there is a biaseness which i guess is due to our loyalties with our countries. Kalbhoshan has himself admitted of terrorist activities and has recorded his video statement. What else would an indian officer with a muslim name amd passport doing in balochistan. Are you not aware of india’s involvement in funding seperatist movement in balochistan and obviously our army’s in kashmir’s although both are different scenarios. There has not been any violence in balochistan like indian army’s open killings in kashmir. While balochistan has never been disputed territory. Kalbhoshan has been proved and not just accused. While in case of mumbai uri and other attacks they were just accusations and proofs were never given. It has always been and always be a long debate with no conclusion because both armies are doing their part. Media is doing its part to let the awam fight. If india is not guilty of cease fire violations why dont it let UNMOGIP on indian side of LOC to observe the violations? You also know what you army has been doing and i do as well but our patriotism wont let us believe otherwise. So whenever you write ahow about quoting your own army’s attrocities as well. Which govt has denied the negotiation despite our pm’s repeated invitation for negotiation. Why dont you raise your voice for kasmiris on humanitiarian ground apart from being an indian. Peace.

          2. You are right. It is our inherent loyalty to our nations similar to our homes, families and friends. It comes naturally to us. But Kulbuhushan was found in Iran in real? Even the retired senior official of pak has confirmed it. I don’t know but such are the reports doing the rounds. I don’t have a set opinion on the issue yet.
            I am not aware of the India’s involvement in funding separatist movement in Balochistan. Also in cases of Mumbai and Uri attacks, some items were recovered from the terrorists in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir, that had clear indications of support from Pakistan. Enforcement Directorate had also uncovered some suspicious bank transactions between bank accounts from Pakistan and Srinagar. Given the complexities of geopolitics, it is not unusual for one country to accuse another of sponsoring and using armed non-state actors. India and Pakistan have accused each other of sponsoring cross-border terrorist activities. This is a proxy war. And proxy wars are always dirty. A dirty war can never be won though. It does more harm than good.
            I am also not going to deny the fact that extreme actions are also undertaken in extreme situations by the army. I can understand that Pak is delusional about Kashmir even after its ruler signed an instrument of accession willingly to accede to the Dominion of India after his hands were forced by the invasion from across the State’s borders. Now that India controls some parts of the Kashmir and Pakistan regulates 37%, it is only a source of more flare-ups. I have never been in favour of such manipulative and extreme actions but who cares about what am in favour of. I can only wish the best for the both nations. No one should get mutilated, vexed and dishonoured. Their children don’t deserve to live such a life. You are right about raising voice for the conditions in Kashmir. The interaction has been great with you. I am glad you took the time to express yourself. Thank you.

          3. Well the arguments won’t finish ever as far as India and Pakistan are concerned. Obviously there are two sides of picture and we need to see both. Most of the time real truth doesnot reach general public. Lets see what ICJ do and how Kashmir and water disputes are resolved ( Kashmir according to the resolutions of UN as promised by Nehru himself). and it goes without saying that none of us want our children to face such situation without our fathers and brothers being killed in wars ( you might remember what happened to children of APS attack). Let us atleast do our part and be sane and wise and not befooled by media. Thank you so much.

          4. Indeed. Debates about territorial division of power are never ending around the world. There are always two sides of a story and the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. We will have to wait for concerned nations to initiate in the best interests of its people while we maintain our sanity in the adverse situations like educated beings. Thank you as well.

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