October 19, 2021

14 thoughts on “Cross Border Terrorism

  1. People don’t see it as an immediate concern because they live miles away from borders. Their lives hardly get disturbed and scattered due to cross border terrorism. Those who are affected have already been laden with loneliness, depression, and stigma. People who can do something to help are too busy in trivial things to care about bigger issues.
    Just take this example, you have 20 likes on your relationships and love posts while you hardly have five likes on your post regarding national security. Everything starts and ends with us, people. These people don’t really help. Although, I am glad you are gradually spreading the word. Thanks for stimulating my brain. Your blog is definitely worth my time. Can I share some of your posts?

    1. Absolutely, Proximity is one of the factors that influence individual’s cognitive ability. We hardly pay any heed if our lives don’t get scattered due to any incident. And, I am sure people might read this post sooner or later.  It just comes down to our mindsets, which is jam-packed with Men-Women-Relationships themes. Rest of the subjects seem uninteresting to our Brain. Thank you extremely very much for the appreciation. You are sweet. And, yes, do share and spread the word. Thank you. 

  2. True. Poverty is also one of the key factor that push people to do such atrocities.. I also believe, Another key factor is that there are few groups who plant the seed of hate into the mind of the young and get profited.

    1. I agree. These groups have also introduced this new idea, where “72 virgins are waiting for trainees in heaven” to lure brainless youth. I can’t help but feel raged as well as laugh about the same. Thank you for reading.

      1. Also the idea that these people will go to hell if their are killed by woman. :’) We have always found ways to misinterpret things. That’s a skill we as humans are best of.. 🙁

        1. They are definitely going to be killed by women if their mothers or wives ever got their hands on them. Then, they will be waving at us while going to hell. And, well said. 🙂

          1. No. I don’t believe in it. May be.. It was meant to be like.. after death we might travel to another dimension. Humans added their part of creativity into it. Like diamond palace. Pit of fire. Virgins.. And all other bullshit. :’)

          2. And I think we experience Hell as well as Heaven on Earth. People who live fulfilled lives experience heaven. Meanwhile, people who lack basic survival necessities find themselves living in hell. This concept of Hell and Heaven was basically propounded by control freaks. They did not want people to do anything they did not approve of. We hardly know the aftermath of death. And who even cares? I think we are all fine at our own places as long as we are not hurting and harming someone. Be good and Kind. That’s all there is to life. You say?

          3. Yup. Agree with you.. You have said it all what is in my mind. :’) If not for these division/stupidity.. Human as a civilisation would have flourished and prospered to level where poverty wouldn’t be a word in dictionary.

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