17 thoughts on “Caught Off Guard

  1. You might want to explain the idea of best to the person who asked. How many friends can be best? One. Unless, of course, you want to say none. I always thought the idea of having a best friend was slightly weird.
    P.S. Do cats count?

    1. I have never agreed to anything this quick. It’s the “I love you” of platonic relationships, and to be able to securely declare that with someone is a privilege not bestowed upon everyone. I ceaselessly adore and respect some people in my life to the core. But I wouldn’t want to choose just one of them and burden them with “best friend” level of expectations and reliance. I want to burden them all equally. Meanwhile I can joyously choose “best” dog and cat friend. They don’t even do anything except eating and sleeping so they can be burdened. And, cats absolutely count to keep us grounded. They got more swag than us. 🙂

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