10 thoughts on “Broken Phone

  1. I love my phone. It’s a T-Mobile, not expensive like an Apple, but it does everything. What’s most important to me is the safety factor. When I drive, especially alone, I feel safe having it. When I’m home at night and the dogs are too lazy to go outside I feel safe. And because all of my loved ones live a thousand miles away, I am so glad to be a text away from them. That doesn’t mean I don’t roll my eyes when the ding comes in from still another text message,when I’m busy, but I love the phone. Being old and living without computers or smart phones most of my life, I believe my life would have been better, in some ways. Don’t ask how, just a feeling 😀 That said, I think I’ll leave my phone inside and go out into my back yard and look at the clouds. (Great post, BTW!)

    1. You are so right. I have come to recognize as well that Phone is like a whole another person. It is there with us in sickness, danger, happiness, and sadness. It feels great to be able to talk to people miles away through a text and call in an instant. The phone is the only thing that is used in the cases of emergencies and utmost happiness so it’s pretty resourceful too. Yet, I can’t be obsessed with it.
      It must be wonderful to go out in the open and treasuring the nature at its best? I am sure you enjoyed it. Thank you. You are always so sweet.

  2. Sorry to hear of your phone but happy to hear of your awakenings Lovey. I’m a strange creature myself,I do not own a smart phone,not on Facebook,I do not text & I do not check out “whatsup” or anything like that.I’m very happy to be blissfuly unaware.

  3. I guess there was a person who helped you reset the phone, offered other help as well. I wonder who that person was!

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