February 20, 2024

1 thought on “Body Image: Skinny Shaming, Fatphobia, & Unrealistic Beauty Standards 

  1. I wish more people understood the life of a naturally thin person. I’ve been tiny my whole life yet I struggle with my body image because growing up kids are cruel, people in general are cruel to those that are different than they are. Even now in my late 40’s neighbors will tell me I should eat- really? I eat more than the larger people out there and I don’t have an eating disorder I just can’t gain weight. There’s nothing medically or psychologically wrong with me other than other people making me feel like a freak for being so small like I have any control over it, it literally has made me feel so self-conscious always being told how thin or small I am. It isn’t socially acceptable to tell someone how large they are but it’s always been just fine for people to think they can tell me how small or how thin I am with all their solutions to how I can gain weight or how easy it’d be for them, which doesn’t help or make me feel better about my size. People should just stick with the old motto if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all, and no its not nice to tell a small person how small or thin they are trust me…. WE KNOW!

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