5 thoughts on “Bitter Truths in Life

  1. I don’t know what to say. You’ve put down all those ‘Bitter Truths’ so correctly. It is a pity to see people begging outside decorated places of worship, to see soldiers being criticized and terrorists sympathised, to see parents avoid talking about the serious matters and still expecting their children to be right…..
    These are the truths that are so evident in our lives that they have become habits. Bad habits! Perhaps these habits need to change….. If we want a better society, if we want less crimes, then I think this is that one area where we need improvement. We need to face these “Bitter truths of life”…..

    1. Moreover, we have become comfortable with our “bad habits”. We are acceptable of ill doings now more than ever before. Thank you for sharing your perspective. It is wonderful to interact with like-minded people. Good wishes.

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