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  1. Its completely normal to not understand all of this Lovey, and yeah when i checked about adopting a child, some said, i had to me married to be eligible, i truly didn’t understand the logic!

    1. Neither do I understand several things. Some things can be quite perplexing to our inner self. Sushmita Sen had to go through a great ordeal of 4 years to adopt her little ones and so many others.

  2. I agree that so much of this is baffling, Lovey. But I do think we have a choice about how we engage with the world, a choice about our attitudes, about things like kindness and compassion. So I think we do have free will, not about our circumstances, necessarily, but about the person we choose to be. We can choose not to be the reflections of our world, but its creators.

    1. I have fortunately learned that with time. But, i can’t tell the same to traumatized people when they lose their family member in a terrorist attack, are made to feel like untouchables by society because they don’t fit in set superficial standards. I recently came across a family whose young daughter has been sold and trafficked to an unknown part of the world. I could only muster up the nerve to say “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” I agree, we cannot control what happens to us, but we can control our attitude toward what happens to us, and in that, we will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master us. Thank you for your encouraging and beautiful words. I adore you.

      1. I completely agree that in the midst of tragedy it’s not the time to talk about attitude and choice. It’s time for compassion and empathy. It’s later, when people have to form a vision of the future, that understanding their choices is vitally important.

  3. I agree with you concerning many of your questions. Highlighting a few: #17- Elders/ I was always taught that there was an unspoken contingent, the older person had to be reasoned. “Respect” was given to all. An “Elder” is an experienced person to whom you are willing to defer, an “older” person has lived longer. #14-Women/ because women are human and as such are capable of self serving behavior and pettiness. #18- Better world/ because each person has a different vision of how a better world would look. Most differ on the best way to get there. #28- Mistakes/ this question answers many of your other questions. Being able to forgive another’s mistake requires understanding their humanity. Humanity, in general, is a mess of both commonality and divergence. Each has a voice regardless of message. Respect.
    Brilliant post!

    1. I appreciate how you’ve pointed out a few. I understand how crucial it is to be willing to forgive others in life, mostly for our own self. Let bygones be bygones. However, it is to easier said than done but we can try. Right? “Humanity, in general, is a mess of both commonality and divergence.” How beautiful is this sentence? Thank you very much for making this post worthwhile. I love it when people read my posts and leave crazy long feedback to express themselves about the matter.

      1. Lovey, thank you for creating the post. It is heartfelt and intriguing. I truly enjoyed both reading it and then contemplating the interconnectedness of each question. Again, brilliant!

        1. You are so kind to have taken out so much time for reading and leaving feedback. Although, I think the post is quite average. However, I wholeheartedly appreciate it. I certainly enjoyed your contemplation. Gratitude for your encouraging words. Thank you for hanging out on this blog.

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