Long live equality and diversity!

O! Take thou art of
Charming the world in my absence!
Cut off from my love and balance.

O my love is admitted
There lives of me tongue-tied
by a willful taste of then.

But dressings of
my slight muse, after I witness
Call, and they have sweet stillness.

Whoever hath taken.
Look cutting errors in her
Still with frost, and purest.

And that beauty lies,
And I compile, although our
men and land, wherever they are.



Author: Lovey Chaudhary

A few things about me, I strive to influence mindsets through unabashed and powerful writing that can empathize with the contrarian viewpoint. I can be mostly found in chaotic thoughts of life, death, and everything in-between. I am doomed to an eternal existential crisis. The only thing I like more than a good joke, is a bad one.

8 thoughts

    1. I don’t have a flair for poetry as well. I can’t understand fancy and vintage words myself. However, I have started to experiment with words and different genre of writing. It doesn’t work most of the times though. Anyway, who is Bard?


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