Because trust is the glue of life

Trust is what many struggles with yet it is the primary part of the relationships of all kinds. Trust is taking someone’s word for it. It is like a comfy cozy blanket you curl up under amidst the chaos. It is beautiful and not something that can be demanded or proven but the choice you make in life. It is the instincts that do the needful. Lack of trust can crumble castles while you try to hold on. Keep your faith, keep your trust, keep the right attitude and be grateful. Do not let your hearts be troubled because trust is the glue of life


Author: Lovey Chaudhary

A few things about me, I strive to influence mindsets through unabashed and powerful writing that can empathize with the contrarian viewpoint. I can be mostly found in chaotic thoughts of life, death, and everything in-between. I am doomed to an eternal existential crisis. The only thing I like more than a good joke, is a bad one.

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