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I woke up with the mood to conquer the world today. But, no, I can’t be doing that when an 8-month-old baby is operated upon for three hours only because a 28-year-old cousin decided to brutally rape her in Delhi, bringing back the horrors of the inhuman assault on children and women. The proud man gagged the baby’s mouth so that her cries were inaudible and he could bask in his glory of power over an infant. Raped and sodomized, the 8-month-old was severely injured and profusely bleeding, for turning-on her very own cousin?

This man puts humanity to shame. We put ourselves to shame by being a part of this society because this is not the first and the last time. It sends chills down my spine and something in me bites the dust, the hopes for a better world now appears a sham. We have become so insensitive that we have simply accepted this as our fate.

I’ve been told Beauty provokes harassment. But it looks through men’s eyes when deciding what provokes it.

I am devastated, aghast and furious.

Sex offending of children has turned into a past time hobby.

Earlier this month, a 15-year-old girl was found dead in neighboring Haryana’s Jind with 19 severe injuries to her body and signs of unspeakable torture. Her liver and lungs had been ruptured and an object had been jammed into her body.

This makes me accept that we live in a time where fierce devils take cover amidst humans.

Kids are vulnerable as they fail to understand what is happening to them and mostly, the abuser gets an opportunity to escape unidentified. The huge metro urban setting is a potential escape and they have no fear of being distinguished. Assaulting children gives no physical pleasure however it gives them an erotic pleasure to inflict pain on another human being. It is more about power and outrage and they want to see the child defenseless and in horrifying agony. What voyeuristic delight can make people do!! That is the reason that in some uncouth episodes they even penetrate a foreign object inside children.

Some of our politicians are rowdy on this issue and seem to have found absurd answers to the reason behind a spike in rape cases-

The victim is as guilty as her rapists. … She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop.”

‘’Boys will be boys. They make mistakes.’’

Rape is a social crime which depends on the man and the woman. It is sometimes right and sometimes wrong.”

Women should not venture out with men who are not relatives.”

 “Ninety percent of rapes are “consensual

How I wish God would have stamped a mark on the face of the potential attacker so that there would be no rape in this world.

The perpetrators have no sense of right and wrong. They never show any remorse after committing the crime and in some cases (as in Nirbhaya’s case) have the nerve to justify it as according to them the girl deserved it.

Our country follows a very lenient approach towards the issue which sets a wrong precedent for attackers and victims. Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it happens every few minutes. The problem with groups who deal with rape is that they try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape. Go to the source and start there.

Nothing will change if rape culture is discussed only in a vacuum. The problem is one of mental depravity, one of dealing with psychopaths, of mental sickness, and that is not going to be sorted out by stigmatizing rape. Our culture is unable to address rape with the sobriety and clarity the topic deserves because we are still unable to address sex with the sobriety and clarity it deserves.

Where are the Karni Sena and politicians now that are always at the forefront to ‘protect honor‘?

Do everything in your capacity to build a better society for yourself and future generations.


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2 thoughts on “The worst never seems to end!”

  1. You took the words from my mouth! Many people look at a problem,say how horrible but do not ask why? What fundamental building block/s has not been added to complete this human? What is missing? I firmly believe that If each person receives love during the first 10 years of their life that they can be thrown out into the winds & survive amongst the wolves. So I “assume” these souls are not being loved & divert from their true paths into this depravity?
    Having said that,If there is a collective cultural acceptance of this infliction than nothing can or will be done.
    Forgive me for saying but you strike me as a modern Mother Teresa.She spoke up & acted when she saw conflict. If nobody says anything or stands up these acts will continue.
    Good for you Lovey! Your mother & father should be proud!

    1. Your analysis is accurate to its core. People who commit such crimes have either witnessed or experienced the same in their environment. It is sad but a reality. What’s sadder is that we’ve accepted it as our fate. Our minds have clogged thinking about the effective measures to make and amendments to initiate.
      I absolutely agree with your theory of survival. If people at a young age are loved and cared for then they would only become better in times of adversity. Although, exceptions are always there.
      Hahaha…Then I hope Mother Teresa is proud mamma today! You’re funny, Wayne.

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