Logan, run.

Isn’t it expected to find the corpse in a suicide forest? It is predictable, as far as my rationality goes. It’s known that you enter the forest to commit suicide. Hence, the name.

Reasonably, it seemed like the twin of a histrionic museum to Logan.

Logan Paul, the man who is always on the grind for the views on YouTube seeking thrill in being the jackass, and his crew went to Japan to visit the Aokigahara forest known for being a notorious suicide destination. On their way to set up camp they come across a victim and continued to film.

Obviously, they went off the trail with clear intentions to hang out with dead bodies to film them.

Can you imagine the thought process that went into it? Hell, yeah. Bring the camera, let’s go. Have a little close up of the dead body to put it up on YouTube. Priorities.

This isn’t the first time he has done something as horrendous as this.

So, the video was trending. Almost 80k people super liked it. Some were indeed delighted to look at the corpse. His core audience doesn’t give a fuck lest YouTube does something.

For me, the problem is filming the dead body and acting around like an asshole.

Distasteful, stupid and disrespectful? You choose.

This is the most circumstantially surreal thing ever happened to him, as he states at the beginning of the famed video.

Why is everybody coming at him, he wonders? It’s a surreal thing, remember?

He then issued an apology after posting a video showing the body of an apparent suicide victim. Why the apology? I mean he looked quite pleased zooming on the upper part of the dead body and making a mockery of it.

An ounce of necrophilism is visible. 

Oh, the reputation. You have to conform to societal standards even if you are a YouTube star.

You see things alike in movies or on TV but YouTube. Now, that’s the first. He has certainly pushed boundaries on YouTube. Disturbing and disrespectful aren’t the words he is certainly aware of.

There are people who say he is the nice one of the Paul brothers. Clearly, he is. No shock there. Being a sociopath is totally acceptable.

He also throws poke balls at Japanese police officers. He insults figurines of Buddhism. Such a lively, fun and liberated man!!

What would I do if found a dead body? I wouldn’t film it. I’d halt the filming or just cut it there. And, talk about it later to bring attention to the subject of suicide. It is important to talk openly about sadness, depression, and suicide.

Of course, YouTube is all about what draws most people in but this is exasperating.

Never mind. What’s the next big thing now?

At the end of the day, the click bait, the sensationalism shines badly on everyone involved.

No one is perfect but we are all human blessed with human emotions. We must exercise necessary emotions over capitalization.

2 thoughts on “Logan Paul, the YouTube star”

  1. I wonder how would he react if it was someone he not only knew but loved?
    Standing back & looking at this I see a bigger problem then some child running around in a mans body.With 80K views, our society has become insensitive to each other & our selves. I’m worried more about this than some adolescent who is only really sorry he was called out for his actions & not for what he did.
    If I came across a body,I’d personally call the Police.
    Sad for the poor soul who felt no love in this world & left & sad for everyone else that doesn’t care.

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