He nasty!

Lays there like a lifeless draftee,

Arching his back, pointing those toes,

Thrusting his hips, dangling pulsating blows.

Playtime with him is so much better,

And, the sheets have never been wetter.

It is hard to see the passion,

Overshadowed by the blue impassion.

He’s not alone, he brings a magic,

Who will join your laugh and cry full of passion,

Especially one that is played bashing.

The lover shudders at the adorable adversity,

She wants to leave but he wants the perversity.

I bet he thought it’d end.

Who would have thought?

They would become more than just friends?

His beliefs are magical,

So seems he to her.

Oh! How horrible love is.

It feels so stupid yet so amazing.

It is said, they’d never leave,

Because of the feelings they conceive.

He knew her

Like no one has have ever known,

And sometimes she wondered

What she’d do if he were gone?

It made him happy just being by her side.

All those feelings he just can’t hide.

He lives in her heart.

She can’t bear the pain when they are apart.

He is special. Embezzled preschel.

She was just beginning to see

Just how much he consumed her.

What else she can really do.

Just remember she is thinking of you!

Her love for him is uncontrollable.

Her feelings for him are unstoppable.

Can’t go a day without his popsicle.

Without him, she, a scoff,

With him, her heart finds its beat.

His love fills her heart with joy.

His smile makes her shy,

It is him again admiring her eyes.

Because trust is the glue of life

The Odessey

A Love Story

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