What is the best tool to survive life and relationships? In the midst of crisis, from where do we pull strength and build hope?

Poetry is a delicate form of writing, that comprises elegantly composed ballads.

Dance in the rain by Shreya Dutta, Founder & Creative Head of StarWords India is an engineer by qualification but a writer by passion. The book is published by content driven Think Tank Books based in Delhi. Dutta had started off writing at an early age since she believed that writing not only helped her to voice her opinion but also led her closer to immortality.

Her soulful collection of poems revolves around affection, life, and connections. Though written in an easy-to-digest manner, the poems circle the aspect of love and ideal romanticism. Poems can be perceived as a piece of poetic work that sounds like an anthem for the new age of love and longing.

The context makes utilization of perfect thought of affection. The title of this lyric develops a feeling of excitement in the reader to scan for the comprehension of ‘loveadoration, and joy’. The collection investigates profoundly the two sides of polarizing human instinct.

Being romantic in nature, the beautiful poetess delightfully picks a title which matches her message. The title of the lyric is an impression of the human instinct as in it mirrors the shortcomings of individuals of neglecting to investigate their apprehensions. There isn’t a man in this world who can gladly say that he or she has not experienced an enthusiastic unrest. As individuals, we associate with various others and get laced by different events. Each individual that we go over and each occasion we encounter leaves an imprint in our lives. On occasion, the effect is for our own good. Notwithstanding, there are likewise times when a dull cloud drifts around us and abandons us with a glee.

Dance in the Rain” is the wonderful piece of the enthusiastic unrest we experience throughout everyday life. As we grow up, we encounter the delight of finding new things. Indeed, even the smallest of shocks influence us to hop up in euphoria. As we become more regular to adulting, the truth begins to first light upon us. We influence companions and begin to look all starry eyed at to find a radically new world. These new feelings, with their very own quality, influence us to overlook that things can go suddenly on occasion. We are encompassed by the billow of satisfaction and we take off in our fantasy land. We don’t understand that in the long run, on occasion, our fantasies do break. Also, that is the time when we submit to the gravity of obscurity.

My most loved verse is
He held me tight against his chest,
Not at all like the first occasion when he did amid the fest,
His lips quietly followed my jaw,
As he admitted his affection while I remained in stunningness.

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