My uneven eyes can’t see in HD anymore. My bulbous nose can’t smell freshly brewed mornings. My scrappy head sporadically swarms with thoughts related to different diseases and maladies due to mounting pollution at my eye level. The Crust, Mantle, and Core are not the only layered spherical shells anymore, in my mind. We are unwillingly enveloped in a blanket of smog.

Lungs are regularly bombarding me with questions like do you even love me anymore? What’s up with new choking skills on toxic air? Are you taking me for granted? Have you found some better lungs? Do you remember the pleasant moments we shared? It is not funny to expel a dark residue as if I was a smoker — which I am not, Lovey! It’s so hard to be in a relationship nowadays, even with your own body, I tell you!!

Like lung dude, it hurts to see you drowning in loads of plastic and toxic air. But, I don’t have the money to take you out to a hill station to show you that I still care about you so calm your tits down! Also, Smog lovingly continues to hamper train and air services so is death the only solution? I’ve been told I am an escapist anyway.

But hey, isn’t air pollution caused by road dust and industry,(surprisingly not for the lungs of the govt.)with comparatively smaller contributions from unclean engines in transportation, especially diesel-powered city buses and trucks, and 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers with two-stroke engines? Nah, that’s just fancy and a mouthful! Blame it on cars and ACs already. That’s easy.

Our lives and well-being are already threatened. Flora and fauna are taking classes to learn some good abusive words. We are sanctified to have country’s highest volumes of particulate matter pollution. Taaliyan? Gaaliyan?

Who knew Overpopulation and the ensuing overuse of scarce resources such as water can put such heavy pressure on the environment? Huh? You did? Wow. 

The Yamuna, the reason for Delhi’s existence, isn’t left behind too. We are walking hand in hand with some serious damage. Water-storing rocks, i.e. aquifers, are changed as surface rain-water percolates down; but they are not inexhaustible, ya’ll know? We are all together in this. And, we are going to lose the game. I am already coughing my lungs out.

Human and environmental damage are not only best friends to any further extent. A love triangle is suspected, the economic damage; Delhi may have lost the competition to host the 2018 Asian Games because of its poor environment. Now, that sounds like a real loss to the govt?

Likewise, never-ending construction activity contaminates environs with leaky, poorly constructed and maintained sewage lines. This is an irreparable loss, as aquifers, once polluted, cannot be decontaminated; they have no exposure to air and sunlight or to micro-organisms which clear-up chemical or biological pollutants.

Shockingly enough, Delhi boasts of its green cover! The meaning of “green cover” is unclear, I guess? Because some 100,000 trees had been cut in Delhi, due in part to the construction of the Delhi Metro and the Delhi Bus Rapid Transit System.

Also, the govt is sitting on Rs 829 crore green fund as I am writing this. Purchase road vacuum cleaners at least, Muffler Man, pwetty pileej?!!

Rs 700 crore collected as cess? Disappeared, disappeared and disappeared.

As you would have thought, as many as 10,000 people a year may die prematurely in Delhi as a result of air pollution. Sadly, that number does sound inviting to our loved ones!!

There can be simply no possible politics when it comes to immunization. Because it’s about our children, parents, families and us. In the same way, everyone should come together to fight pollution. Clean air and water are basic human rights. Or aren’t they anymore?

Mexico City was ranked the most polluted city in the world by the WHO in 1992.  But over the years Mexico City has implemented a contingency action plan which kicks into force every time the Air Quality Index crosses 130. In Delhi, that limit is crossed almost every day.

P.S. Good news for Delhiites as air quality drops to ‘poor’ category from ‘very poor’. But, do we aspire to be just poor?


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